About us

Code-ai.mk was started as a side project almost three years ago. The lack of comprehensive Machine Learning resources in .NET environment fueled the desire to create a community. A community represented by software engineers curious about the subtle art that is Artificial Intelligence.
I see this blog as a source of inspiration for those who refuse to settle as just a regular .NET developer. This is for the ones that want to take a step forward in their career. The very few hungry for knowledge and improvement.
I was in your shoes. Wanting to learn more about this AI society but everything revolved around Python. Well not anymore. Finally, we can take a glimpse and unlock all its secrets, on what it means to create advanced Machine Learning models.
This blog will provide step by step tutorials on how to implement one of the most used Machine Learning algorithms. Computer Vision as interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how computers gain high-level understanding of digital images or videos is also covered. And of course, Deep Learning.
Our focus on this blog is ML.NET. A free software machine learning library for C# and F# programming languages. Built for .NET developers in mind, ML.NET allows you to build complex Machine Learning models without having to leave the .NET ecosystem.
Let’s get coding…s